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Submittal builder tool

NEW B-Line series submittal builder tool includes includes Eaton's B-Line series NEMA type cable ladder and tray straight sections, fittings, covers and accessories.

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Productivity IQ

At Eaton, we work with our customers to understand their day-to-day challenges so that we can deliver innovative B-Line series solutions, services and tools that help customers minimize job site complexity, increase efficiency, and maximize their profit.

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Deck Hanger

B-Line series deck hanger provides minimum conduit standoff of 1-1/2” to meet the NEC? Section 300.4(E)*


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Conduit Trapeze Support

Save up to 50% on installation time; up to 75% part reduction versus traditional strut trapeze.

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Telescoping Bracket and Pipe Clamps>

The mounting bracket and box mounting clip allow for pre-fabrication of the box assembly which helps reduce installation time. The bracket features a unique flange end that mounts multiple box depths, and has increased rigidity to help withstand drywall installation.

Type 4X Panel Enclosures From Cooper B-Line

Large enclosure video>

Eaton’s B-Line series large enclosures provide reliable electrical equipment protection for variable frequency drives, motors, controls, electrical devices, and other power distribution equipment. View the video to learn more.


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There's a faster install option. B-Line series Productivity IQ newsletter and vlog are packed with time saving solutions and tools to speed your install and reduce complexity. Sign up for the e-newsletter to learn more.


Structural Steel Savings video>

As the cost of structural steel continues to increase, the impact of reducing the quantity of supports on a projects can offset the cost of the cable ladder system all together. Lower your total installed cost thru significant structural steel savings. View video to learn how.